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Through a systematic approach, based on a deep practical understanding of how to operate business processes, behaves circular economy is to build a sales system, how to build a financial model, have increased accuracy we achieved the following results:


1. We have developed over 300 business plans. All our business plans have been highly appreciated by bankers, investors, top managers of the company. The most pleasant news is that part of our business plans were recognized as among the best.


2. In March 2015, we opened a branch office in Russia, Yekaterinburg, and opened a business website http://биз-план.рф/ (business-plan.rf). And already we developed for the Russian customers more than 10 business plans.


3. All observations and recommendations promptly corrected, and our experts will accompany the business plan up to the delivery of the business plan to the bank.


4. Developed more than 30 feasibility studies for government agencies.

We develop different types of business plans for clients.

The business plan for the loan (done by bank standards, justified);


A business plan to attract investors (development, taking into account the investment mentality of the investor);

The business plan for starting a new business (a specific action plan and evaluation of the business, the consequences);


The business plan for the state (all at the request of government agencies).


How to start cooperation with us?

You can contact us by one of the following telephone numbers: Astana: + 7-701-077-77-46, Almaty: + 7-701-077-77-46, or use the feedback form on the website http://бизнес-план.kz/ ( by selecting the appropriate city and interests you offer.



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